Online Services

Our web-based platform is both sophisticated and easy-to-use. We provide participants with online access to an array of services through which they are able to effectively and efficiently manage their accounts. We also provide administrators access to plan level summary information and individual participant details, as a tool for managing their executive benefit programs.

The product of many years of experience in administering nonqualified deferred compensation plans, our online services offer numerous advantages to both participants and administrators:

  • Account Balance Information – Up-to-date account balance information by investment and source, presented in an easy to understand format that is configurable to meet a wide array of plan designs.
  • Investment Restrictions – The ability for restrictions to be applied to investments based on plan design rules. Our ‘rules engine’ allows current or grand-fathered clauses to be applied across the entire plan or to sub-groups of participants within a plan. An example of a rule might be that no more than 25% of the entire account balance can be held in any one investment (such as Company Stock), or that a grand-fathered investment can be ‘taken from’ but ‘not added to’. This flexibility allows us to efficiently administer a wide array of new and existing plans.
  • Administrator Access – For plan administrators we provide summary level plan financials, read-only access to participant accounts and a secure channel for sending sensitive information to DeferTec. Soon to be released features include download access to the corporate reports and a data-mining tool that puts plan level summary data in the hands of client administrators.
  • Benefit Statements – Participant statements are available online to be downloaded, printed, or viewed.
  • Investment Performance – Historical performance data for each investment presented in an easy to understand format and printable version.
  • E-mail Confirmations – Each and every transaction made against the account results in an e-mail to the participant, which serves as a confirmation, a reminder and a record of account activity.

Our online services comprise many other features. For a demonstration and a complete review, please contact us.