“This company’s most valuable assets take the elevator downstairs and walk out the door every night.”

David Oglivy, a renowned 20th century Madison Avenue advertising executive, made that statement years ago and it’s even more relevant today: No company is stronger than the people who work there. Top-quality managers are the heart and soul, the driving force behind every winning company operating today. Getting and keeping the right people and maintaining their collective momentum is one of top management’s toughest assignments.

Fresh professional challenges keep a job interesting; company stock-based compensation provides an incentive to perform and will often serve to keep people with the company; more money is obviously important but the timing and structure of how that money is made available can be crucial. What retention power does a bonus really have once the check has cleared?

DeferTec is focused exclusively on the development of executive benefit plans as highly effective strategic management tools that help your organization:

A well-designed executive benefits program can help keep your key team members on the team:

Not only does such a program communicate the organization’s appreciation for what they do and how well they do it, it can give them immediate and continuing financial reasons to stay on board.

Executive benefits offer a valuable, cost-effective way to attract and retain management talent. Whether you want to attract new talent to ensure continued growth of the company or retain high-performing managers, a customized, high-quality executive benefits program enables you to enhance your overall executive compensation package beyond cash, incentive awards, and stock.

We offer executive plans that are tailored to address specific client needs and interests, and that offer numerous advantages for the organization and for the executives:

  • Short-Term and Long-Term Financial Planning – Whether an executive is planning for a child’s education or for additional income at retirement, a well-designed benefit plan can provide for predictable and unpredictable lifetime liquidity events.
  • Tax Advantages – Properly constructed programs maximize tax advantages for both company and individual, throughout the duration of the benefit plan.
  • Investment Flexibility – Benefit plans allow the opportunity to invest with the world’s top investment firms.
  • Limit-Free Benefits – Benefit plans can overcome limits on executive rewards imposed by today’s legislative and corporate climate.
  • Competitive Advantage – Today’s executives expect a competitive compensation package; executive benefit plans are critical to recruitment and retention of those executives who are driving your company’s success.
  • The Bottom Line – Executive benefit plans allow executives and key managers to accumulate tangible wealth, tax-deferred savings and retirement income in your company-sponsored plans that are structured to have a positive impact on the company’s financial results.

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