Regulatory & Legislative Services

In the light of events over the last few years, executive benefits have never been more important to management employees than they are today, and have never been under more scrutiny than they are now. Changes in equity-based compensation combined with Congress increased oversight of corporate governance make keeping current a full time job. DeferTec devotes time and resources to continually monitor activity as it develops in Congress as well as in various relevant regulatory agencies, such as the Internal Revenue Service.

Our associates regularly meet with legislators and their staff and assist in providing input on legislative issues in both Houses of Congress. We work with industry groups to offer practical real world insights to federal officials as to the potential effects of legislation in an ongoing effort to bring an industry and client perspective to proposed legislation and regulatory pronouncements. We provide a series of legislative and regulatory services for our clients and alliance partners, including:

  • Anticipation of and response to proposed legislation and regulatory changes
  • Proactive education to our clients in the event of proposed or implemented changes
  • Definition and implementation of solutions that result from legislative and regulatory changes
  • Work with each client’s counsel to resolve issues or concerns

When new legislation is actually passed, or regulations are issued, we provide guidance and support for our clients to ensure that their programs remain in compliance.

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