Plan Administration

Administration is the least glamorous of activities, yet one of the most critical. Participants and sponsors demand and expect 100% accuracy and if it is not delivered, it can render the whole program ineffective. Furthermore, if participants spend more than one second thinking about administration, we are doing something wrong.

DeferTec does it right. Our simple philosophy is that planning is everything. When events are planned and understood, there are no surprises. We follow a comprehensive methodology for establishing or taking-over plan administration, where all the activities and responsibilities are defined and agreed upon ahead of time. From the conversion or initial implementation through the ongoing day-to-day plan administration, we lead the various involved parties to ensure that your plan is properly managed in all aspects:

  • Oversight of Participant enrollment and underwriting process
  • Participant and sponsor education
  • Plan documentation
  • Participant benefit valuations and projections
  • Sponsor and participant reporting
  • Administrative oversight and notification

Each program is a unique creation and as such requires its own planning. Our approach ensures timely, accurate and cost-effective administration from the start.

Please contact us for more information about our plan administration services.